Say Hello to the Animal PR Team

With Animal becoming Edelman’s affiliate agency in Sweden, we now have an opportunity to expand our offering by adding PR expertise into the mix. As of now our PR-team is comprised of PR Account Director Sofie Gustafsson, PR Specialist Nermin Mohamad Ali and Media Specialist Karin Bergh.

What is PR to you?

“PR is the strategic tool behind the story and the ultimate test of an idea, campaign or product. PR really can shape how people talk, write and think of a brand and concept.” – says Sofie

What is the biggest misconception of PR?

That must be the saying that all publicity is good publicity. The truth is, a brand needs to be conservative and only tell the story that further the brands journey on the right path – anything else means the brand will be lost in the sea of clutter fighting to get consumers attention. Brands need to be better at creating lasting relationships and nurture these rather than trying to shout the loudest. – says Nermin.

Through PR we communicate to our audience in a space that is natural to them. Which to me means that we can change or shape a story relevant to our client and their target audience and really make an impact says Sofie. While Nermin describes a good campaign as any campaign that has made an impact on the world and made it just a little bit warmer.

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Written by Erik Rydning, Posted on 28 March 2019

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