Born With a Passion for Creativity

After many years of advising the media and music industry, two lawyers decided to become one agency. We helped Staffan Boström och Jerker Edström become Ström.

A more human law firm

Specialised in a very artistic field, Ström needed a graphic identity to communicate their unique offer somewhere in between sharp headed law firm and soft edged service. An agency who values the human signature. We wrote a manifest and helped them present themselves as a fresh breeze in the cold legal field.

“We’ve never made it to the Billboard Hot 100 or sold out Madison Square Garden, but we stand behind those who do. Today and tomorrow.“

Finding the right balance

We created a visual identity where everything from the logotype and colors and font and photography would communicate at the same time the legal firmness and the human touch. This human touch runs through everything from the logotype which is a clean-cut interpretation of a human signature to the site, which is marked by human pencil strokes.   

Firm but gentle

Just like Ström is a steady adviser for musicians and artists, we chose down to earth, sober colors to balance the artistic and professional side in the visual elements. These colors paint everything from the site to the portraits taken at Ström’s own office, inviting you into a warmer firm, who sees more nuances than just black and white.

From profile to print

Finally, we let the different elements come together and bring life to all parts of Ströms communication. From the site to the stationery, envelopes and business cards.



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