The Desk Snatch Pre-Rolls

We ”stole” famous YouTubers’ desks to show how much it sucks when someone beats you to your favorite seat.

In the aftermath of Covid, many companies are changing their office setup to free seating and a “first come, first served” model.

This seating model comes with many benefits like saving money. But studies show that many employees experience stress and fear when someone else beats them to their favorite desk.

Evoko, a company that works with innovative office solutions, wanted to highlight this problem and promote a new solution: the new Kleeo desk manager. A smart desk-booking system that helps office workers find and book their favorite spots.

To highlight the problem of free seating at the office, we turned to YouTube, where the most prominent and most famous YouTubers are known for streaming from the same spot every day.

We then recreated their studios and used the clips as targeted pre-roll ads before the YouTubers’ videos – to get to their desk before them. Perfectly illustrating the feeling of when someone steals your favorite desk.




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Creative Direction

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