Live Fully Now

The speech Live Fully Now was written by the philosopher Alan Watts in 1959. An everlasting message for the present and signature for the Volvo V90 Cross Country.

The get away car

The New Volvo V90 Cross Country – The Get Away Car is the manifestation of freedom. A way to escape it all, even if just for a moment. And there is no better moment to do so than now. This campaign is a celebration of those who have dared to reclaim their own time and space to live life to the fullest.

Work-life balance

Global research show that people find it increasingly difficult to prioritise their free time. To focus on what truly fulfils them. Things get in the way. Life happens. But by pushing the pause button and allowing ourselves to take a step back, we can gain tremendous insight and appreciation for the in-between moments of life.

“You can’t live at all,
unless you can live fully now.”

Alan Watts
”Live Fully Now” Alan Watts, 1959

Leading by example

In a mini documentary series, Swedish podcast profile Kristoffer Triumf meet with Mark Watts, son of zen philosopher Alan Watts. Louise Östberg, the suburban mother who left the city for the nature. Magnus Nilsson, the star chef who found inner peace in photography and Tove Holmgren, the ex pro snowboarder whose injuries lead to a new career.

Tune in, zone out

All interviews are available as available as podcasts. Listen to the conversations with the people who have in some way or another re-prioritized their to-do list to get more time to do what they are passionate about.

Live Fully Now Mark Watts
Live Fully Now Louise Östberg
Live Fully Now Magnus Nilsson
Live Fully Now Tove Holmgren



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