Why Women Don't Own

Sweden is one of the most equal countries in the world.
Still, only 33% of privately held Swedish stocks, 25% of real estate value and 15% of land are owned by women. Why is that?

The road to Financial Equality

During the International Women’s Day and the following weeks, the Swedish bank SEB wanted to address the question about Financial Equality and show what they are doing to change the situation. The campaign started off with a film, telling the story of why women don’t own.

”We are here to enable more women to invest, more women to lead and more women to start the next big thing. Because we can only build a sustainable society if ownership is equal.”

Adapting to socials

The individual portraits from the full film were adapted for social media and digital screens, encouraging people to learn more and watch the entire story.

Doing the math

On the landing page for the campaign, we educated our customers about financial equality on a personal level and gave them tools and inspiration to increase female ownership.



Art Direction

Creative Concept

Campaign Development


Visual Design

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